If you have a
small or a big desire for art,
  if it is your
  first time buying art,
or you are a
collector of contemporary art;
you'v come to  the right  place. Here you will find a great variety of intriguing contemporary  art  in reasonable or better affordable prices.
We must create art. it is stronger than  us.You get digital and/or printed art done by the Art Makers: artists who sign under A pseudonym names. it is all a afictional story and stories' art for it self......... yet all art is othentic and for sell.......
The Art PLAY ZONE project
This is our beloved baby project:
an Alter Ego Art Project
The Art Is Us 4 Us  projects
probono artprojects: 
  • our first project  in thanks for the interprnier Bracha Ben Venida////
  • working with autistic -alderly artists///////////
The Artisserie
 This is Miss M's gallery , here you can buy great art made by well known/established artists on varied of medai