the Art play zone 

This is a fiction story, yet all art works, that you will find here - are real and most if not all are for sell.  (You may see gallery owner contacts details. As we understand that for commercial reissuance we need a gallery owner). We areall but one, anonymous. anonymous artists from around the globe, as we wish to stay unknown, yet to live from our art. "We wanted to free our art to the world; actually we wanted to free our art for people to live with art on a daily basis." as we want to create in all art forms.

We all know each other for many years or some for just few years. We share the same desire and need, for art creating and art communicating. We share the desire and the love of art.

We all share the belief, that art for most it's diverters is an extremely important component in all healthy societies as well as in an individual life.

It all started with Dr. Agosta De Vita.the florist and the grate chess player.Over the years  Each one of us had ארוע מכונן בחייו במפגש עם הד"ר. And  so We all got to know each other, over the years  . Agosta De Vita, the florist and the grate chess player. The man who is responsible for this alter-ego art  group.   Each one of us had found oneself, one day in the atelier above his little, majestic- flower shop of Dr.  Agosta De Vita. Each one of us for different  reasons… learning to appreciate art creation, life, the love of life, the sense of intelligence, the breath of humor , the beauty of all flowers and flowers nurturing.   


 We got to know each other over the years. Aucsuanlly weall met this way or another in the atelier .we were  always drawn in to that majestic place. This little, atelier above that shop in that  ancient  village…,

This beautiful hidden jam, our bace of creation, is now in the hands of Adeline Virginia Stephen- our very dear friend who inherited both the atelier as well as the little flower shop. There she lives now, and create art, and communicate with all of us and more.  As she says her self :" A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to create art.” this majestic  place  gave me all I  ever needed to billed my life again

 As for me-I love being in that remote atelier. Far from all,  yet minutes from the the heart of art- Paris. I visit that place whenever I can, and some times more than I can…..   

I love the smell, the  incredible smell combined from the flowers as from the smell of oil- paintings and  other art materials…. Unfortntly I can't XXXX the smell here on the web…..

After so many years and after each one of us is known for it's own carrier,  after years of living with this story between us, as we decided to build a platform for people to buy our art in reasonable  prices.    To buy in affordable prices. We believe art should be accessible to all people who art willing to reach to the art world."

in 2003 and became live on the web as in: The alter ego art group. the  play zone is a hidden San Francisco gem, exhibiting incredible and unique works of art. Each year, the gallery hosts a number of exhibitions, programs, and events that help bring the general public closer to the wonderful world of art. Read on to learn about special exhibitions and artists we showcase

We are the Alter Ego Art  group. And this is our Art Play Zone-  web gallery. We hope you will enjoy our gallery.

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